It looks like tennis, sounds like ping pong, with the same light-on-your-toes action of Badminton.....

It's Pickleball!

Re-Opening Pickleball in Fernie

As of Friday May 15, 2020, the City of Fernie is allowing the pickleball courts to be opened to the public. Pickleball Fernie has developed a set of guidelines and procedures to minimize social contact while still being able to play. During these restricted times, the pickleball community needs to respond with a modified operating model. 


 Social Distancing:

1. Maintain social distancing of 2 metres (6 feet).

2. Pre-arrange play. Drop-ins are not allowed. Come to the court with a partner or a group that is in your bubble. Do not expect players at the court to pick up a game with you.

3. Play with the same partner for the duration of the session.

4. Players should limit their contacts to enable contact tracing, if required.

5. Do not linger around courts.

6. No large groups of players assembling off-court.

7. Benches or chairs will not be provided; this is to discourage gatherings.


Cleanliness and Proper Procedures:

1. Avoid touching surfaces, gates, nets, and fencing, where possible.

2. You must provide your own pickleballs. Make sure they are sanitized before and after each game.

3. Each team will serve with their own pickleball during the game.

4. No paddle taps at the end of game.

5. Kick or use paddle to return balls to other players.

6. Avoid touching your face until you have washed or sanitized your hands.

7. Washroom and water facilities will not be available at this time.

8. You are encouraged to bring your own sanitizer.


1. Provincial Health Orders are to be followed and fair play opportunities are to be provided to all pickleball players.

2. Court sessions will be for a maximum of 30 minutes.

3. Usage of courts will be observed, and the respect of the rules will determine the option of remaining open.

4. Report any infractions or health concerns to the City of Fernie by-law office.



Feel free to call me or email me if you have any questions. 

Larry DeMarchi - President Pickleball Fernie
Phone: 250-423-7027

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